Hi, I’m Sophie Jordan.

I’m a newly graphic design graduate indulging in a variety of style techniques such as branding, photography, digital manipulation, and just expressing myself through visual communication.

My experience, may not yet be vast, but my determination and drive definitely is.

From a young age, I have always been interested in the design aspect; and sought to learn and improve my knowledge of software and techniques which alongside practical, hands on approach enabled me to produce my work to the best standards. Consequently, studying Graphic Design and Art throughout college and university has really broadened my abilities of design. I’ve also had the opportunity of working with the graphic design company Bluestorm which gave me the opportunity to work in a professional arena and familiarise myself with the working environment.

After thoroughly enjoying my time in a creative environment, I believe working in a design environment would allow me the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into design and engage with creative discipline. I believe my passion for graphic design motivates me to the best of my abilities and to improve my ideas and visual communication.